Sunday, August 29, 2010

Never again Will I

NEVER AGAIN.!!! - Will I try to quit a Benzo - Cold Turkey!!! - I could not believe what happened after 36 hours!

 Wow....I thought I was ready w/ my taper on the Valium...but as 36 hours had passed from me quitting from 9 a day...It got so bad today, that I had to call the Doc, and have him send a ER Scrip for 30 for the 10mg Valium...just to get my back to normal and be able to make the Dr. appt tomorrow!

Never, in my life, will I do that again...without giving myself the correct amount of time to taper and taper properly!..I could barely even drive to go get the 30 at the pharmacy up the street....

I tell you, after the Benzo had started to leave my body...last night I felt it coming and today...I was so disoriented and could not even focus on nothing! - I barely was able to make the phone call, and p/u the meds to hold me over!

Now, I will definely go back, and taper slower and the correct way from this benzo! - I was never execting for anything that intense to hit me after 36 hours of dropping them!  Everyone is 100% correct on trying to c/t any benzo!

Just thought I would bring you all up to date! (now that I can function again!)

Lots of Love to you All.!!!